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The great minds and pure souls at On The DL only update once a week or so, but when they do, you can pretty much guarantee it will be a doozy. Today's post unveils a secret computer IM conversation between a major league player and one of his "fans", and it's a little dirtier than even we like to get into around these parts. An excerpt:

mlbguy06: i wanna c— in every hole you have ;-)
luv2party: oooh baby i cant wait!!! i bet ur even better than [name of player deleted]
mlbguy06: and he was good
mlbguy06: maybe you could get him over for a threesome ;-)
luv2party: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u would want a threesome with [name of player deleted]?!

The On The DL girls don't give any hints as to the identity of the player, but based on the syntax, grammar and literary style, we think it's pretty obvious that it's David Eckstein.

Computer Love [On The DL]

(Warning: Transcript is EXTREMELY ribald. Make sure your boss isn't standing behind you. Or your mom. Or anyone, really.)