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With the Super Bowl looming, we've just realized that no one has yet tackled one of the really big issues. Namely, the Steelers' uniform color debate. On Tuesday, Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher announced that the Steelers would be wearing their road white jerseys for the game, even though they are designated as the home team and could wear black.

Cowher, a little perturbed at all the questions about the jerseys, said rather snippily: "You want to know what shoes I'm wearing too?" But to Pittsburgh fans, it is a big deal — as detailed over at Planet Haystack:

"Cowher Power is messing with forces which he quite possibly doesn't understand. I mean, when former Iowa coach Hayden Fry updated the Hawkeyes' look in the late '70s, he didn't copycat the Steelers because of the mystique and charisma of the white jerseys. And now that Cowher has a chance to wear the black, it seems as though he may've yielded to superstition."

We'd get worked up about this except for the fact that we have just learned some terrifying news — there are no fewer than nine Steelers songs currently available on the Web. And with 11 days to go until kickoff, that number could grow. We're not ashamed to admit that we're scared. Very scared.


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