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Remember that old urban legend about there being more cases of domestic violence during the Super Bowl than any other day out of the year? (It's completely not true, by the way.) It's usually mentioned along with that other legend, also not true, that the flushing of all the toilets at halftime causes sewage systems to break down.

But a little myth never bothered Mike Ditka. Via our friends at Mr. Irrelevant, we present Scott Towels' Halftime Flush, some sort of bizarre promotion encouraging people to, like, not clog their toilets or something. Ditka, as always, is more than eager to act like a buffoon for a paycheck, though, to his credit, at least this advertisement has nothing to do with erections. The NFL isn't in that game anymore and is keeping its corporate sponsors nice and high-class, comfortably ensconced in the world of poop removal.

Halftime Flush [Scott Towels] (Mr. Irrelevant)