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Right on the heels of the honor of being named by GQ as one of the 10 most despised athletes in sports — including a segment that questions whether or not the famed "bloody sock" was faked — Red Sox Upstanding American Curt Schilling talks with Billy Boy Simmons in that "Curious Guy" segment. It's the first time Simmons has actually talked to a real athlete in the series, and the strain, in our opinion, shows a bit. It's not even so much Simmons' fault, though the questions are softball enough to make it a kind of Billy Bush interview, plus references to The Longest Yard.

You see, athletes are, well, kind of boring; you might not like Chuck Klosterman, but he's certainly more likely to say something of note than a guy who showers with other men. (Though we don't know Klosterman that well; ya never know.) Schilling's main contributions are of the "Bill Conlin is terrible" and "Fans are too fickle" variety; nothing that anyone is going to get legitimately fired up about. Schilling is a hero, Schilling is a man among men, Schilling is better than we mere mortals; essentially the same story he has been feeding everyone since he came to Boston. Though we do find it amusing that the professional athlete knows what VORP means and the guy who writes on the Web doesn't.


We will say, though, that we'd love for someone to start a Web Writers Fantasy League; with Simmons promising to spend big money on Schilling this year, we'll take our chances.

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