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Baseball blog Talking Baseball brings up a point about the World Baseball Classic we hadn't heard much about: The tournament is going to have a mercy rule.

Seriously. According to the official rules, a game will be stopped after five innings when a team is up by 15 or more runs, and after seven when a team's up by more than 10. And it's not even each-team-bats either; even if it's in the middle of an inning, once that 10-run threshold is hit, game's over.


We're really not sure why they instituted this rule — Talking Baseball thinks it's so teams like The Netherlands don't humiliate themselves, though that still seems unfair for fans who paid full ticket price — but we like the idea that the WBC will have a Bad News Bears feel. We still hold out hope that Alex Rodriguez will join Cuba's team and pull a Kelly Leak. Though prettier.

WBC Now Resembles Little League [Talking Baseball]