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Today's slate of college basketball games isn't really a great one. There's only one game today that pits two top-25 teams against each other (Texas vs. Oklahoma) and it's not until tonight.

Arizona and North Carolina are going at it right now on CBS, and somewhere, a CBS exec is saying, "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time." UNC leads 39-31 after Bobby Fraser hit a three-ball at the first half buzzer.


Florida could be in trouble again, trailing Vanderbilt by 3 at the half. If they're not able to take over in the 2nd half, they could cement their position as the worst team to ever go 17-0.

Pitt was down 7 at the half to Marquette, but when Marquette stud point guard Dominic James injured his shoulder, Pitt took control, going on a 22-11 run at that point, and winning 77-71.