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When you talk about Mel Kiper, I think what you've got to look at his tremendous potential and his knowledge of the game. He's got to work on his speed and his strength at the point of attack, but his hair is off the charts and he's got the kind of lung stamina to babble for sixty straight minutes. He's got a great motor. I think we're looking at late first-day, early second-day potential.

To me, it can never be that bad of a day when I get to witness the freakish brilliance of Mel Kiper. Thank you, Senior Bowl.


Inexplicably, there are also cheerleaders present at the Senior Bowl. Exactly what are they cheering for? "Two, Four, Six, Eight! He's going in the 1st round, but it might be late! GOOOO NORTH!"

Anyway, guys having good days include Clemson QB Charlie Whitehurst, Maryland LB D'Qwell Jackson, West Virginia safety Jahmille Addae, and Colorado TE Joe Klopfenstein. Guys having bad days include Vanderbilt QB Jay Cutler (who Chris Mortensen says is the best QB in the draft) and Boston College CB Will Blackmon, who just fumbled a punt, and then gave up the ensuing touchdown.