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In Week 17, Patriots backup QB Doug Flutie converted a dropkick, the first in the NFL since 1948. The Pro Football Hall of Fame thought it a good idea to display the football, but the Patriots didn't have it.

Because the Patriots lined up for a normal play from scrimmage, they never raised the net behind the field goal posts. The Pats sent the Hall of Fame Flutie's jersey and shoes, but not the ball. Some anonymous fan has it.


And, as it turns out, that anonymous fan is kind of an ass. He had his lawyer send a fax to the Patriots, demanding the following in return for the football:

• One hundred thousand dollars.
• Eight season tickets.
• A Tom Brady jersey, autographed by the entire team.

The Patriots should send a fax back that says, "Listen. A 41-year-old little person kicked an extra point for us. It's not really that big of a deal. Enjoy your football, jerkoff."

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