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• Remember that story about the kid in Pittsburgh who was ostracized for wearing an Elway jersey to school? It ends like every story should end: with John Elway giving someone autographed furniture. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

• A Curious Guy-esque conversation with Kim Jong-Il. [Manute's Webb]

• Oooooh. The NFL is considering making some out-of-market games available live on the Internet next year. [Washington Post]


• Bill Walton thinks Kobe Bryant is going to score 100 points in a game... sometime within the next month. Of course, he'd have probably said the same thing if someone asked him if Kobe could score 1,000. [The Sports Frog]

• "The rich white guy in this campain is Lynn Swann." That's... well, you just can't say that. [The Wizard of Odds]

• The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim are slightly modifying their name. Sadly, the "Anaheim Ducks of Los Angeles and Surrounding Southern California Trendy Spots" was rejected. [World Chumps]