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We find all kinds of goofy photos around this here Interweb. Here's some highlights from our favorites.
• Cheeseheads for a new millennium? We predict this will not catch on — and the first time these guys hit the restroom and attempt to use the urinals, they will realize it too. We kind of like the Holmgren mustaches, though. []

• We're not surprised that there is such a thing as outhouse races, or even that one of the teams is called "Moose Patrol." What confuses us is that there is a "bucket division." [Okanogan County Chronicle]

• It's been a long standing tradition here at Deadspin to post any photo that has Woody Allen and Isiah Thomas in the same frame. []

• You called us crazy, but we always knew that Terry Bradshaw and Kathy Bates were destined to be together. (Honestly, we cannot look at their photo without thinking of the movie Misery.) Also, we wonder how Matthew McConaughey found time to film the movie. [AOL]

• When we dream about finally capturing Osama bin Laden, as we sometimes do, we also fantasize about lowering him on a line from a helicopter right here, while wearing a Seahawks jersey, next to the guy with the sign. We would come back after the game to place his scattered bones in a Hefty bag. [AP]