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We've been waiting for one enterprising Web person to do a "scientific" test of Bode Miller's assertion that "it's not easy" to ski while piss drunk, and, finally, someone has come through.

The fine folks at NoobSports has begun their Bode Miller Experiment, in which they will consume six (6) alcoholic beverages and see how much more difficult it is to zoom down three different double-black diamond slopes in Crested Butte, Colorado.


The "test subject" will do three runs sober, consume the beverages and then do three more runs. The last hill is called "Double Top," and, according to NoobSports, has the most potential for a "Sonny Bono moment." The site also says that at the end of the run, the "test subject" will try a 360 helicopter off a catwalk. What could possibly go wrong?

Bode Miller Experiment, Part I [NoobSports]