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Weekend emperor The Mighty MJD dug up this fine tidbit of fun from The Miami Herald: Apparently a slightly intoxicated (really!) Lawrence Taylor caused a big scene at a Miami nightclub last week, embarrassing Michael Jordan and a not-gay-at-all Charles Oakley.

People are buzzing about Lawrence Taylor's bizarre behavior at Prime 112 last week. He reached for a bottle from the wrong table, approached Michael Jordan's table and loudly yelled, "Ladies and gentleman, Michael Jordan!" An embarrassed Jordan put his head in his hands. Charles Oakley tried to settle down L.T.

First off, we like the idea of Oak still hanging around Jordan, setting picks, clubbing anyone who gets too close to his table. And our man LT! MJD brings up the notion of a Oakley-LT fight, giving the edge (as we do) to LT, depending on "amount of crack coursing through LT s veins at that particular moment." Honestly, these guys are going to be whacking people with their canes in the year 2035, and it's gonna be fantastic.

We Hear ... [Miami Herald] (via The Mighty MJD)