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This site has been around a while, but it's new to us. Imagine Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel having his own personal blog, except instead of just writing about the team and recruiting and potential violations, he writes posts with headlines like "It's A Pity You Can't Stab Real Hookers," "Top 5 Celebrities I'd Like to Nail" and "Goin' to Clam Canyon."

Tressel's World is a scary one, as exemplified by this post written from Fake Tressel's perspective as he shows up for a benefit for children with cancer.

Seriously, I'm not Jesus. If i show up at your little cancer party you won't be healed. All these ugly, little cancer kids are really starting to creep me out. I know cancer isn't contagious like herpes (been there done that), but I can't even stand the putrid cancer air that comes out of their bald heads, it's like the grim reaper just blew a burp in my face.

We're not sure why the anonymous author has chosen Jim Tressel to be the purveyor of all evil in the world, but, all told, we probably don't want to know.

Tressel's World