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It's the most terrifying thing to hit Aspen since Kobe; the Winter X Games are rampaging the pure Colorado snow, and apparently, the particpants are out there causing quite a ruckus.

"There s definitely been more crime than last year," said Ian MacAyeal, assistant patrol supervisor at the Aspen Police Department. "A lot of underage drinking, a lot of property calls, things being broken."

Cops say that after the Damien "Jr. Gong" Marley show — we're sorry; we have no idea who that is — over the weekend, there were enough discarded bottles to "open a liquor store." We are stunned and appalled that the X-Games would bring in such a motley crew, and we're also wondering if it's possible to ski after taking psilocybin. We have a suspicion someone will try.

X Games Crowds Growing Rowdier [Aspen Times]