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We were watching our Illini become the first college basketball team to win 20 games last night, and while doing so, we were reminded once again how much we enjoy the pure sugar rush that is Brent Musburger, who was calling the game on ESPN with Steve Lavin.

We know Musburger isn't the most popular announcer among anyone under the age of 70, but we can't think of any broadcaster who's more entertaining. Last night, he actually said the phrase, "You've got to give serious props to Bruce Weber." His cadence makes every play — even a Brian Randle rebound and putback midway through the first half in an anonymous Big Ten midseason game — sound like The Shot Heard Round The World. This is excessive and repetitive, but we somehow we still love it; he's the broadcasting equivalent of whippets. But that enthausiasm is why we can't quit Brent; after 40-plus years in the business, after appearing in Rocky II and being mocked on "Saturday Night Live," the guy still is willing to hit the road and go cover a conference tilt in Madison in February. Musburger has been one of the few constants in all of our sports lives, and he keeps trucking along, saying "props," getting names wrong and giving us a head rush.

Plus, Brent's not afraid to drink in the car. Gotta respect that.

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