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The computer "send" button: Aside from death, is there anything more frighteningly conclusive? Actually, Eric Govan, late of the Golden State Warriors' media relations staff, is having a hard time differentiating the two. On Wednesday Govan experienced the ultimate "Oh, shit" moment when he mistakenly sent out a racially insensitive email to the Warriors' entire media distribution list. The email, titled "Ghetto Prom," featured 17 photos of scantily clad high schoolers in prom dresses, many of them African-American, complete with unflattering commentary. As we are not exactly on the Warriors' media list, we didn't receive one โ€” but dozens of newspapers and television and radio stations did. (It appears to have just been your basic email forward; someone has compiled the photos from the email and posted them here.)

Govan, who says that the email was supposed to go only to his wife (makes you wonder what else they do for fun over at the house), realized his mistake moments after sending the email. So he quickly sent out this follow-up apology: "You just received a previous forwarded e-mail titled 'Ghetto Prom' that was sent accidentally," Govan wrote. "I assure you that this is totally out of character for myself and want to apologize to anyone who might be offended. My sincere apologies. This won't happen again and shouldn't have happened this time."

It didn't help. On Wednesday night the Warriors fired him. Obviously.

Warriors Fire PR Manager Over E-Mail [San Francisco Chronicle]