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OK. We were trying to ignore it, but we honestly can't take it anymore.

Listen. This is what Seahawks tight end Jerramy Stevens said on Tuesday: "[Jerome Bettis being from Detroit] is a heartwarming story and all that. But it will be a sad day when he leaves without that trophy." This "trash talk" can be translated, quite easily, as "we think we are going to win Sunday."


It doesn't matter how many microphones you stick in Joey Porter's face. This is not trash talk. This is not interesting. This is not a story. How can we put this nicely? We do not care.

Listen, media throngs: We know you're bored. We know there's nothing to write about. We know the team PR staff is telling you not to mention the drunk Big Ben photos (and, apparently, your editors are telling you not to mention the name of "the Website" that ran them). We know this week hasn't turned out nearly as fun as you thought it would be. But please. Stop. We're begging.

Pictures Of Ben Pop Up On Web Site [Beaver County Times]