On January 28, Sports Illustrated's Swim Daily website posted a "Throwback Thursday" gallery featuring pictures of Danica Patrick from 2008. Buried within the gallery was an old selfie of Patrick, one that featured an unremarkable amount of nipple. The picture went unremarked upon until TMZ spotted it, prompting SI to pull the picture from the site. This is all noteworthy for one reason: you can still see Danica Patrick's nipple on Swim Daily.

Look, here it is!

Boom. Nipple, right in your face. You can actually see more nipple in those photos than you can in the one that was removed, and yet they exist in the very same gallery that the nipple-selfie was deemed too racy for. So what's the difference between these nipples and the one from the selfie?


What we have here is a clear-cut lesson in internet nipple law. You can flash all the nip you want as long as some gesture toward modesty (i.e. a mesh top) is made. But you can't go around throwing surprise nipple in people's faces. Surprise nipple is filth.