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All the cameras will be ready, all the escorts have been paid and all the "trash talk" has been squelched. They actually get to play Sunday. Everything else is over. Thank heavens.

A roundup of prominent picks on the Web:

Bill Simmons: Steelers.
Steelrs: Panthers.
Daily Quickie: Seahawks.
Football Outsiders: Seahawks.
Peter King: Steelers.
Paul Zimmerman: Steelers.
• DEADSPIN PICK: Seahawks. No, we don't think Big Ben will be hungover. We just think people have been overlooking the Seahawks all year, and besides, bald quarterbacks always do well in the Super Bowl. You have no idea how much research went into that projection.


(Let us know your picks and rationales in the comments section ... if you can hang, wussy.)