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• You can put some lumber down on what phrase John Madden is going to use first. The safest bet: "Heck of a." The longest shot: "Wham!" Also unlikely: "Hey Al, I bet ya I can stuff an entire turducken into your belly button." [The Best Sports Blog]

• This Browns fan lost a bet on the AFC Championship game, which resulted in him having the Steelers logo shaved into the back of his head. All for a good cause, though. [Post-Gazette]


• "Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell have also made a bet with Pennsylvania's junior senator Rick Santorum. If the Steelers win, Santorum gets apples, salmon, and coffee. However, if the Seahawks win, his wife has to have an abortion." Excuse me while I giggle like a little girl for a few minutes. [Seattlest]

• The Las Vegas Sun takes you through some interesting prop bets. Caesars has gotten creative, allowing you to tie your Super Bowl bet with other weird stuff, such as betting on the Steelers to win the Super Bowl and the winner of the NCAA basketball tournament coming from the ACC (at 9-2 odds). Another sports book lets you gamble on the Neilsen ratings, with the over/under set at 41. [Las Vegas Sun]