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Well, this is it. The grandest day on the sporting calendar. It doesn't get any bigger than this. Unless some other retired athlete decides to double murder an ex-wife and a waiter (I'm thinking Wade Boggs, though I have no reasons as to why), and then drag police on an excruciatingly slow chase in an SUV, there will not be a single day among the next 365 where sports fans are drawn so closely together. It's truly exciting. I'd like to hug each and every one of you. Provided you've showered recently.

I'll be with you until 5:00-ish, or so... long enough to take you through today's Arena Football action. And then Will (if he has recovered from the Illinois loss last night) is going to take over at some point for that other football game being played today. And I think AJ's going to pop in at some point, possibly to tell us about how Matt Millen signed him to a 3-year contract to be the Lions offensive coordinator.

Enjoy the day.