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Tiger is now 2-for-2 this year, after beating Ernie Els in a playoff at the Dubai Desert Classic. Actually, it may not be completely accurate to say that he beat Ernie Els. Ernie Els beat himself. In fact, Ernie Els beat the hell out of himself.

On the first playoff hole, Ernie hit his drive into the trees. His second shot went into the water. Tiger won with a par. Ernie Els is to Tiger Woods as Peyton Manning is to Tom Brady.

So Tiger took six weeks off, came back and won his first tournament, and then his second, despite the fact that he "didn't really have it." This has got to be pretty frightening for other professional golfers who felt that they had a chance to win a major golf tournament this year.

And he can do it with or without a goatee. There is no end to his versatility.