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If I ever need something to make sure my self-esteem stays at a reasonably low level, I can just consider that I'm blogging about sports on Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm talking about Arena Football.

I kid. I love Arena Ball. It is my life.

The Philadelphia Soul handled the Los Angeles Avengers, winning by 14. Here's my biggest beef with Arena Football (other than the ridiculous uniforms): Ridiculous team names. Avengers? Rampage? Storm? The freakin' Kats? It's like the creative teams behind the WNBA and the X Games collaborated on these.

Also, The Colorado Crush hung on to beat the Georgia Force, just as they did in last year's Arena Bowl. Of course, the Crush did blatantly cheated by holding a wide receiver on a Georgia 2-pt. conversion attempt. The Crush won 61-59. Crush WR Damian Harrell caught 11 balls for 132 yards and 5 touchdowns. No one in the Super Bowl is going to have those kinds of numbers, so that means Damian Harrell is better than they are.