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Flying Mattress Attacks Cyclist

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Danish cyclist Matti Breschel was a bandaged mess after a mattress caused him to take a spill on his bike. Yeah, a mattress.

Breschel's mattress incident happened after the final stage of the Tour of Oman. He explained on the Tinkoff-Saxo team site:

After the stage, we were riding back to our hotel and on a descent when I was going 70 kilometers an hour, a mattress flew into my front wheel and brought the bike to a standstill. I hit the asphalt pretty hard and lost a lot of skin on my legs and face and the wound on my knee had to be stitched up. It's still too early to say but I trust it doesn't influence my preparations for the classic campaign and I'll stick to my regular training program. I'm not concerned at this moment.


That still doesn't explain what the mattress was doing there, and how it "flew," but at least Breschel wasn't seriously hurt, because that'd be embarrassing to explain.

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