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For those who might have missed it โ€” and those who might have wondered what The Daily Quickie was talking about this morning โ€” here's the shot of Duke's J.J. Redick doing his "obscene gesture" last evening. (It's also on, so it's not like we're uncovering something huge here.) When we first read that, we thought he had flipped off the fans, but, alas, we must make do with the mere "shocker."

Yes, the shocker. Most of you are probably familiar with the shocker by now, but we've noticed a significant increase in its implementation of late. We're not sure why; maybe people are just doing the whole "Hook 'Em Horns" thing all wrong? Of course, it warrants consideration that Redick โ€” who has never struck us as the hippest cat โ€” might not have realized he was giving the shocker sign and just thought he was signalling "three!" We would not put it past him.

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