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Hey, what's with all the failing NBA decision-makers suddenly deciding the source of their problems is Bill Simmons? First it was Isiah Thomas — who was about to run into even bigger problems — essentially challenging Simmons to a fight. Now it's Celtics coach Doc Rivers getting into the act.

A few weeks ago, Simmons wrote a column calling for Rivers' ouster, saying, in the first sentence, "Doc Rivers stinks as an NBA coach." Apparently, this set off a string of "hey, Rivers might actually stink!" stories in the Boston media, because apparently those who follow the team around are taking cues for their coverage from a guy at a laptop in Los Angeles. And now Rivers has had enough.

"I can tell you there's not been a lot of talk about [being fired] at all in Boston," Rivers said before a loss to Orlando on Monday. "I guess the one blog writer [Simmons] wrote a horrific article about me, and then the Boston writers wrote it or picked up on it."

Clearly, the "blog" writer at is a sniper picking off fading NBA superstars one-by-one. Who will be next? Can anyone survive? And, mostly, when's the fight?


(Honestly, though, we find this hysterical. All the hatchet-job writers out there, and Rivers is worried about Simmons? He knows this guy still watches "Road Rules," right?)

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