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Late breaking news: Will's favorite Olympian, Grandma Luge (who I think he secretly has a crush on), has suffered an unspecified arm injury after crashing at practice. At the moment, her status for the games isn't known. But she is listed as probable for her Tuesday night Bridge game. doesn't have any updates at the moment, but it's probably hard to update your website with an injured arm in an Italian hospital. I think you should go send her a Get-Well note here.


And more importantly, if she can't go, the Virgin Islands may need a 50+ woman to step in and take her place. I think you should probably start helping your mother learn how to luge, just in case. All she needs is a steep, icy hill, and a firm push in the back. The Virgin Islands needs needs you. Step up.

When Menopause Meets The Olympics [Deadspin]