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The sad but ultimately fitting saga of Sammy Sosa appears very near its close. Sosa, who hadn't received a single offer all offseason, finally was tossed a $500K, non-guaranteeed deal from the Washington Nationals, who actually didn't have a position for him to play. And now it appears he doesn't want it.

Speaking to ESPNDeportes, Sosa says that he's considering retiring rather than having to compete for a roster spot with the Nationals. A source "close to Sosa" (that is to say, a guy who doesn't forget how to speak English the minute he has to answer tough questions) told ESPNDeportes, "Sammy doesn't think of himself as someone who has to beg for a spot on a big league roster. ... Sammy wants to get to 600 home runs, but he's not willing to humiliate himself to keep playing. He feels that the lack of interest in his services this winter constitutes a humiliation."


The collapse of Sosa's career happened so quickly, you almost expect him to end up in a failed drug deal with Alfred Molina as a cabana boy tosses firecrackers at his feet. That he is now feeling disrespected because no one wants to pay seven figures for a guy who hit .221 last year is typical of the hubris-drained last years of Sosa's life in baseball. He's now considered one of the biggest frauds in baseball, a guy nobody wants to touch.

He has never done steroids, though, and they have nothing to do with the sudden, drastic loss in power and bat speed in the last two years. Just making that clear.

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