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As we sit around and listen to songs about curling, we ask ourselves, "Selves, what are your thoughts on this whole Olympic business so far?" Well, here's our thoughts: Like many of you, we're enjoying the Olympics far more than we thought we would. We're not sure we can handle a full two weeks of this, but something is oddly compelling about it all.

But was it worth $600 million for NBC? Some of the early ratings are suggesting otherwise, with opening ceremonies ratings down 50 percent from Salt Lake City four years ago. It makes sense. We're enjoying the events, but, because of the time difference and because we — like most of America — spend our days in front of a computer, we, at the end of the day, know who actually won each of these events. We're just watching for the pomp. It seems a strange strategy, pinning all this money and prime-time hours on events that have already been decided and the results of which have already been posted for the world to see. And with all the American favorites dropping out early ... well, we'll just see what happens.

It's possible that in a week, NBC will really wish it had Oswald back.

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