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Deadspin readers who were with us from the very beginning of this quixotic enterprise might remember that we once had an unhealthy (and ultimately repetitive) obsession with MLB Blogs, their strange attempt to corral their online fan base by charging people to use a service that's free almost everywhere else.

Anyway, one of our favorite ongoing plotlines was the French blogger Pascal Uccelli, who was posting all kinds of off-color ramblings that evaded the MLB Blogs censors because, well, no one over there speaks French.

Anyway, he emailed us last night and to thank us "for having spoken on your site 'Deadspin' for my poems. He then paused to rant some more about MLB Blogs' censorship.

I thank you for having denounced the censure of which I am victim, of another people are it also, MLBlogs will not have our skin, I will continue to publish on their site, in French, I will continue to speak about my blood, my beer, my penis, my life, of my bets, my lost money.

We will never tell anyone not to write about their blood, their beer, their penis or their bets, so we accept Pascal's invitation to promote his new site, l' criture sans calmants. Beware, readers.

l' criture sans calmants
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