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A couple of weeks ago, we alerted you to the brave souls at NoobSports, who actually undertook the Bode Miller Experiment of drunk skiing. It was a thorough enterprise, but it cut off halfway through, leaving us all a-twitter with anticipation.

Well, they finally went through with it, and it's a doozy. Our valiant hero heads to the Crested Butte Mountain Resort and does three "control" runs, sans booze. Then, at "halftime," he heads to the bar and slams down a double shot of Goldschlager, a shot of Hot Damn 100 proof, two PBR, a shot of Rumpelminze and a shot of Jager. (They note that he weighs 155 pounds and is at 10,000 feet altitude.) Just to make sure the buzz continued, he took a couple pulls of Hot Damn on the ski lift.


The results? Mercifully, not death. But: "There are 360 degrees in a circle. The test subject made it about 210 before crashing to the ground. In skier vernacular, this would be considered a 'yard sale.' Both of the test subject's skis came off, one pole came off, and his helmet and goggles were twisted around to the side."

A completely irresponsible experiment, done with reckless disregard for safety and decency. We wholeheartedly approve.

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