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What kind of columns would Skip Bayless write if he had been covering world events throughout history? Lord knows, we'd never thought to ask that question, but fortunately, someone has. And it's a riot. Some highlights:

Posted on June 7, 1944.
"...Let me get this straight, we sent how many tanks and planes over there, it s already been one full day and they still haven t made it off of those beaches. Give me a break. How much money is being spent on that army again? Well, I know I won t be cheering for the abolition of fascism in Europe if this continues..."
Posted on June 8, 36 AD
"...I think people should settle down about this whole resurrection thing. Even if he did rise from his tomb to the heavens, it's not like that makes him Moses all of a sudden. ... Trust me, this is no sacrifice on C's part...."

There are more. Hopefully, later on, they'll make even more.

Columns About Important Events In History By Alternate Universe Skip Bayless [Van Dusen Speaks]