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We had no idea that Golden State forward Mike Dunleavy Jr. had so much anger in him; maybe he's finally understanding that his father's hairline problems are likely going to find him as well. But after the Warriors' loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night, Dunleavy apparently exploded on a reporter. Strange thing is, the reporter wasn't even talking to Dunleavy; he was talking to Michael Pietrus. (Maybe Dunleavy was translating into French.) You can listen to the actual interview here, but here's a transcript:

Reporter: "What happened there in the last, like, 10 seconds of the game? I know that the shot clock was running down, I mean, that the clock in general that time was running out. Unfortunately you had that foul on Atkins, and ... "

Pietrus: "Oh you know, I'm already — "

Dunleavy: "Now that's a stupid fucking question, man. Come on. It had nothing to do with the outcome of the fucking game."

We love the idea of Mike Dunleavy Jr. unleashed. As suggested by the picture, perhaps it was Santori time.

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