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Think you're having a bad week? Imagine how ESPN talking coiffure Dan Patrick must feel this morning. On his ESPN radio show on Wednesday, Patrick had Indiana basketball coach Mike Davis literally in the hot seat and failed to get the scoop that The Sporting News broke about two hours later โ€” that Davis had resigned at Indiana, effective at the conclusion of the current season. (By the way, not to toot our own horn too much or anything, but our own Mighty MJD was reporting these rumors on Saturday.)

But on Patrick's radio show on Wednesday, Davis said "I'm not quitting," that he was "the Indiana coach for now, until someone tells me I'm not," and that "I can't comment on what may happen in the future." He made these statements, mind you, already knowing that he was out the door โ€” having reportedly already agreed to a buyout with the University. And technically all of Davis' statements to Patrick were true, if by "I'm not quitting," he meant, "Not right at this moment, as we're sitting here." Now Patrick knows how the White House press corps feels, we guess.

Of course, speculation now swings toward who the next coach of the Hoosiers will be (Iowa's Steve Alford). Davis had often said this season that he felt like an outsider in Bloomington (Steve Alford), and that the next coach should probably (Steve Alford) be a native son (Steve Alford). This can lead us ultimately to only one (Steve Alford) possible name ... Reggie Miller.

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