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Chicago Sports Radio Host Shits In The Studio, Flees The Building

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Les Grobstein, overnight host for 670 The Score, is a sort-of legend in Chicago, not just for his encyclopedic knowledge of area sports but for being, basically, the real life Oscar Madison. (See this great old Ben Joravsky piece, which among other things details how Grobstein got the infamous Lee Elia rant on tape, for more.) It seems that earlier this week, he took things to a new level. Where rival sports yakkers shit all over the studio figuratively, he apparently did so literally.

You should really listen to the clip, but the gist is that early Tuesday morning, anyone listening to The Mully and Hanley Show, which comes on directly after Grobstein's insomniafest, would have heard the hosts cryptically complaining about... something. Fart noises were played. The possibility of combat pay and the desirability of a hazmat suit were raised. Horses came up as a topic of discussion. ("They just kind of poop wherever they stand. It's a problem all over. Others have the same issue.")


On The McNeil and Spiegel Show, the problem was addressed more directly.

I guess Dustin, to his credit, came in here and did everything that a producer is—above and beyond what you would expect and cleaned everything up, I guess there was some mopping going on... It had to be liquid... The word is that he immediately left the building through the back door by Mitch's, and went right into the elevator and left...

All of this is all the better if you keep the following, from that Joravsky profile, in mind:

Everything about him made him ripe for ribbing: his sloppy appearance, his passion for greasy press-table food, his penchant for taking every media kit and press guide ball clubs gave away, his blunt pronouncements ("this guy stinks" or "this team sucks"), his obsessive recall of trivial events, his unbelievable memory, his inability to avoid long digressions no one wanted to hear.


Aw, Grobber.

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