We find all kinds of goofy photos around this here Interweb. Here s some highlights from our favorites.

OK, we're no art critic — but we know what we like. [Democratic Underground]

It was inevitable — Cheney as Johnny Cash. Photo, song, the works. (Caution: "F" word throughout. Turn down the sound if you're at work). [The Huffington Post]


OK, it's no Harry Potter. Nonetheless, we went to Barnes & Noble to pick one up, and they were sold out. [Bartcop]

"Be vewy quiet." [Daily Kos]

They're already calling it the funniest TV segment ever. We have to admit, we've already watched it about 11 times. [The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, via Brad Blog]

Leave it to the San Francisco Chronicle to dig up the real story. [SFGate]

And just as a change of pace, here's a photo of another high-strung, "princessy" performer besides Johnny Weir who did not medal this week. [SI.com]