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If you're a fan of John Feinstein, or college basketball, or hate one or both, be sure not to miss Sunday's New York Times Book Review. On the hot seat is Feinstein's latest, Last Dance, an examination of college basketball's Final Four. A tipster provided us with a sneak peek of the review, which me must say, we're kind of looking forward to now more than the actual book.

"Thought you'd be interested to know that this sunday's NYTBR has a highly enjoyable takedown of John Feinstein by Jay Jennings - a review of his new book LAST DANCE that contains such choice lines as:


"full of lazy banalities... and sloppy factual mistakes (...despite the rampant Dukist slant, he misidentifies the University's president...)"

"But most inexcusable is his self-plagiarism, recycling between new covers tired stories he's told us before."

"Feinstein is not just a woeful writer; he's a woeful writer who repeats himself."


"Feinstein's latest and lamest shows a disdain for intelligent sports-minded readers..."

and, playing off his earlier note that this is Feinstein's third book with "Last" in the title: "Is it too much to hope that 'Last Dance' might be not just Feinstein's last 'Last' book but his last book?"