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If Bode Miller and Zola Budd had a lovechild that grew up to win an Olympic gold medal in beach volleyball after a childhood spent putting cigarettes out on puppy dogs, I'm not sure I could like that Olympian less than I like this one. You know that pop-up ad on your screen right now? The one offering you a free iPod and a bigger penis? You can thank this guy.

As SportsBiz tells us, Dale Begg-Smith, gold medalist for Australia in the men's freestyle moguls, funds his training (as well as his $300,000 Lamborghini) via pop-up ads. He's been reluctant to talk about it. Two of the companies he's involved with, however, AdsCPM and CPM Media, appear to be associated with pop-up advertising. AdsCPM is listed here under a "Spyware Blacklist."


So, just to recap, the man drives a Lamborghini, has an Olympic gold medal, and has (maybe/possibly/probably) funded them both by putting pop-ups on your computer. Is there any reason not to want to punch this man in the face?

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