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Remember earlier when there weren't a lot of details available on what Albert Belle actually did to be arrested for stalking? Well, with thanks to Saved by the Blog, that situation has been rectified.

According to a statement filed by police, Albert, in addition to repeatedly threatening his lady-friend, actually used a GPS device to stalk her. The woman told investigators that she found a GPS tracking device that had fallen off of her car in January. She says that Albert had been showing up everywhere she went, and believes that he placed the device on her car. He also left a message on her answering machine apologizing for doing "all that tracking stuff." So good luck with the case, Albert.


When the AP asked him for comment, Albert said, "You didn't write a story about my Hall of Fame induction. You guys never report the good stuff that I do."

I'm not sure if he's referring to something that's currently happening in Darren Daulton's alternate universe, but Albert only got 40 of the necessary 390 votes to get into the hall. But you know what, in a tip of the cap to both Darren Daulton and Albert Belle: Congratulations, Albert, on your induction to the hall of fame.

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