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Jamie Mottram, host of the Sports Bloggers Live radio show, and curator of his own sports blog,, found himself on ESPN2's Cold Pizza this morning getting dirty looks from Skip Bayless.

It's fascinating to hear Jay Crawford talk about bloggers as if they were way far down on the evolutionary food chain. That might, in fact, be true. But, you know... it's Cold Pizza. Anyway, they got around to mentioning a few blogs you might be familiar with, including the Bode Miller experiment on, the imaginary NBA one-on-one tournament on YAY!Sports, and a mention of the upcoming dunk contest on a spellbinding little site called


And no, there was no mention of Deadspin. And, as far as I know. no one here is bitter, but when Will gets back from his tour of Caribbean brothels (I think that's where he is), he might just want to kick Mister Irrelevant's ass.

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