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In his third stab at medaling in the Torino Games, Bode Miller once again has refused to conform to society's unjust request for him to win something. NBC's going to let the anticipation build for 8 more hours before showing it to us, but this time, Bode hit a gate, lost his balance, skied off the course, and it was over. He was already 0.46 seconds off the pace before he hit the gate, however, so I'm not sure how much that really mattered.

Bode didn't talk to reporters after the event, so I can be sure if he cares about losing this one. Sometimes, life is hard for a rebel like Bode who lives life on his own terms. He still has two more chances to medal. I'm actually kinda rooting for him now.


The bigger story here might be that a French guy was jobbed out of a place on the podium. They tried to run the event in the morning despite some snow and fog, and 17 skiiers ran the course. French skiier Pierre-Emmanuel Dalcin was one of the 17 to take his run, and he posted a sweet time. But later, a Swiss skiier, due to the fog, I suppose, lost control and veered off the whole damn course, prompting officials to wipe out all the scores and restart the thing later in the afternoon. Frenchy's sweet time was completely nullified. "I don't want to talk," he said after the event. "I was robbed; that's it."

I'm inclined to agree. Fog or no fog, he made it down the hill, and it's not his fault if the Swiss guy can't hack it. He shouldn't be punished for that. Perhaps he can join Bode later for a croissant and a drunken run down the slopes.

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