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Up for induciton into the Basketball Hall of Fame are names like Charles Barkley. Dominique Wilkins. Joe Dumars. Gene Keady. Adrian Dantley. And when last night's SportsCenter made mention of the sixteen new nominees for the Basketball Hall, what name was the first out of Steve Levy's mouth? Dick Vitale.

Dick Vitale was judged as the most newsworthy name among the sixteen. Is there no one at ESPN who has any shame? Come on now.


Dominique Wilkins was nominated last year, too, but somehow didn't make it. I can't imagine that it's possible, but if Dick Vitale makes it in and Dominique Wilkins does not, I'm going to organize a mass Deadspin field trip to the Hall of Fame, where we'll all gather around the building's perimeter and then treat the Hall like R. Kelly treats 14-year-old girls.

I'm not saying that Vitale is completely unworthy. He's created a personality for himself that's become, for some reason, quite popular, and he's worked hard to promote the game. There's something to be said for that. But if Dominique had to wait a year, then Dick Vitale damn sure better have to wait a year, too.

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