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Well, alright, it's not a magazine, it's a calendar. But I think you'll enjoy the Nude Curlers Calendar anyway. The Wade Blogs has gotten their paws on these titillating photos of various curling athletes, and I agree: I'll take the nude curlers over the SI Swimsuit Issue. It's not a judgment on the quality of trim involved, but you can find scantily-clad models anywhere. Finding a nude curler... well, that's just not something you see everyday. Until you click the link and bookmark it, anyway.

They've also unearthed a little tidbit about how Bode Miller used to date the woman pictured to your right. He broke up with her, in order to spend more time on his apparent non-pursuit of Olympic medals.

More photos (with nipples that are not sheilded by Will Leitch) available here.

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