• Reads the caption: "Michelle Kwan was named one of People Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People' in 2000." And here's her nipple. Or, as I like to call it, Kwannipple.

• Just so people in LA don't forget how cool he is, Matt Leinart is putting himself on billboards. [The Wizard of Odds]

• The highlight reel of Ohio State WR Ted Ginn. I'm not sure about the music behind it, but #7 is a stud. [Ohio LeBlog] via [Mister Irrelevant]


• A reader once told us how much Larry Johnson and Mariah Carey had in common. Bill Simmons thinks Mariah has more in common with Roger Clemens. I think she has a lot in common with a lot of other people I don't listen to, and that's about as much thought as I'm willing to put into it.

• Ozzie Guillen apologizes to Alex Rodriguez, and loses the respect of decent people everywhere. [The Sports Frog]