'Mornin. A.J. Daulerio back again for more Deadspin access-less, favor-less, indiscretion. We're 3/4 through the Will Leitch Caribbean Floating Adventure and he'll be happy to know that he's missed nothing while he was gone. The NBA All-Star Game was the uninspired half-court alley oop-fest it was supposed to be, the Winter Olympics are still, well, the Winter Olympics, Mike Davis quit and Curt Gowdy died. Not exactly a slow news week, but nothing he would jump off the boat with a laptop in a waterproof napsack desperately searching for a WiFi signal. I have half the mind to post the "emergency" number to the boat he left the B-squad this week— the boat he's most likely throwing up all over, mind you— but I'm not that devious.

Anyway, fun activity for the whole family today. American History X was on Encore last night and I realized what I was thinking about most was how Derek Vinyard's sneer-at-the-black guys while hanging on the rim would rank on Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith's Dunk Face scale. And lucky for us, the soda pop promoting the website enables you to upload your own custom Dunk Face. But it requires all of these goofy plug-ins that I have no patience for. According to more technically savvy individuals, I've been told that the whole program used for uploading your own dunk face is "retarded." But that's why Gawker's equipped with photoshop:

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

So, if anybody else wants to submit their own inappropriate Dunk Face, please do so. Teri Schiavo would be gold. There's something to do to keep you motivated after the post-Presdient's Day funk. No biting, no peeing in the pool and deposit your tips and dunk faces to tipsATdeadspin.com.

We're off.