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Interesting(but sad) story about retiring Philadelphia Phillies' organist Paul Richardson who's apparently played his last dwink-dwunk-dunh-dunh and been quietly phased out of Citizen's Bank Ballpark activities in the age of "Who Let the Dogs Out?". Richardson reminisces about the good ol' days at Connie Mack and his 1980 World Series ring he received from Tug McGraw. In recent seasons, he's been relegated to some sort of cage area where visitors to the ballpark can walk by and wave to him playing his little organ for no one.

Also, according to the story, Richardson was a big hit with local female church organists who came by in droves to have their picture taken with him. Studly.


Thankfully, you can purchase Paul's CD if you want to hear his stirring rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on his album "Frisky." Or you can just have your five-year-old niece play it for you over the phone. Your call.

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