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Yes, dogs are fun little animals and all that, but the search for the prized whippet named Vivi who escaped from JFK terminal after last week's Westminster Dog Show has gone completely off the rails. Joining the search for the missing champion dog are none other than 12 psychics.

That's 12. Psychics.

According to the AP story, the 12 psychics have come up with these mind-blowing observations, showcasing their formidable soothsaying skills:


"They are telling us that she is alive and they are telling us she is warm," said Honi Reisman, a friend of the dog's owners. "They are saying she's in a building but there are hundreds of buildings."

Got that? The dog is warm. And in a building. $5,000 reward goes to the person who finds it first. One has to wonder whether the psychics get a referral fee if the dog is in fact found in a building wrapped in an afghan. It's best to put little Vivi in a meat locker for a little while if you do find her so you don't have to split any of the reward money.

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