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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Billy Hamilton Tags Up And Scores On Pop Fly, Remains Ridiculous

Billy Hamilton, who is just so damn fast, somehow turned a lazy pop fly into short right field into a scoring play during today's game against the Cardinals.


I mean, damn. How is this play even possible? Jon Jay was not at all unprepared for Hamilton to run, and his throw to home was a perfect strike. And Hamilton, who doesn't even look like he's running at full speed, beats the throw with time to spare. "Fast" isn't really a good enough descriptor for Hamilton. Lots of guys are fast, but Hamilton seems to have the ability to literally shrink the base paths.

And how did Hamilton get to third in order to make this play happen? He singled to lead off the inning, stole second—on Yadier Molina!—without inducing a throw, and then advanced to third on a fly out to right.

Please, Billy Hamilton, find a way to get on base consistently. All we want is to able to watch you do things like this for a whole season.