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How to know when you have a drinking problem:

• You wake up in the back seat of a 1989 Dodge Spirit.
• The car is missing a tire.
• You are developing an immunity to pepper spray.
• You are wearing a fashionable accessory like the one to the right.
• Your name is Kyle Prochaska.

Prochaska, a University of New Mexico forward, was suspended for the remainder of the basketball season following an incident on Sunday in which he fought with police officers after being discovered drunk in the back seat of a car on the side of the road. According to the Albuquerque Tribune — in a story we found via Bad — Bernalillo County Sheriff's Deputies were responding to a possible car crash when they found Prochaska passed out in the back seat of his 1989 Dodge Spirit, which was missing its left front tire and was wedged against a chain-link fence. Once they woke him up, Prochaska became uncooperative, fought with officers, and eventually had to be subdued with pepper spray. Then, according to the Tribune:

Once in the back seat of the police car, Prochaska began spitting all over the vehicle, prompting police to cover his face with a "spit hood."

When he sobered up, Prochaska explained that he had been playing a drinking game, to which he was ill suited because, he said, he is "a lightweight." We wonder, by any chance was it the Bill Simmons Drinking Game? Because that would be something.


Update: That is not Prochaska in the accompanying photo, by the way. But you can pretend it is if you'd like.

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