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On Tuesday we posted an item about Michigan basketball fans who apparently duped Michigan State fans into spelling out "Go Blue" in the stands at a Michigan State home game. But a reader, who has talked to people who were at the game in question, reports that the whole thing may have been bogus.

Just wanted to do a follow up on the Michigan fans supposedly making MSU fans hold up the signs that spelled GO BLUE in the Izzone. I talked to multiple people who were at the game and even a few who were in the Izzone who did not see or hear anything about the signs. Also, upon further review it really looks like the photos are altered by photoshop. No one else has reported anything like this happening either. Just wondering if it is actually true.

From looking at the second photo (notthe first one, which was enhanced), it looks like it may have been true. But who knows what goes on in Michigan?

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